Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Yes, I’m pretty sure Jesus wants me to eat this burger!

Okay, so I didn’t say it out loud, but oh how I wanted to!

Rewind to 5 minutes before.

Skinny Co-worker: “Wow, that a big Double Double.”

Me: “Yeah, it’s Fat Tuesday tomorrow.” Awkward pause. Co-worker: “Um, but that’s tomorrow, why are you eating it today?”

After having a million comebacks rise and fall on my lips, including a classic: Jesus wants me to eat this burger! Luckily, I realize that Fat Tuesday isn’t even a religious holiday so that’s going to sound stupid (like the statement alone wasn’t dumb enough), I huff at her and stomp off.

After stewing at my desk for a half an hour, I realized she might, just might have a point. I do treat everyday as Fat Tuesday.
She indulges one day out of the year. I do so nearly every day.

Well, except during Lent. During Lent I embrace the Weight Watcher lifestyle (bitter and clutching to my one point candies). By the end of the six weeks I have brainwashed myself into believing that I can, this time lose the weight.

This usually lasts until about July. When I convince myself I am ‘cured’ of my food addiction and can stop tracking.

Then around August I stop weighing myself.

Then around Christmas I decide to hell with it, I might as well start Fat Tuesday now.

After February 1st? Double fisted fast food is the norm.

I mean another Valentine’s Day alone? Who wouldn’t eat a bacon cheeseburger and sundae for breakfast?

But I think something sunk in after that comment.

What if I did only indulge on Fat Tuesday?

Luckily it’s Fat Tuesday today! LOL

And Jesus has some Au Gratin potatoes he wants me to polish off!

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