Sunday, February 27, 2011

My Hopes and Dreams Hinge on You Today...

But, hey, not too much pressure right? LOL

Sorry, but today (Feb 28th, 2011 in case you read this later, which please keep reading because you late comers are my plan "B") could change my life (and win you a Kindle or part of my $150 Amazon gift card give away, but details on that later).

And not in the usual way of... if only I had lasagna I know I would feel loved.

No, today is one of those days when my luck could truly turn around.

Why, you ask?

Well, thank you so much for the interest!

You see I am participating in "Bestseller for a Day."  This event attempts to drive as much traffic to a single author's Kindle page and shoot it up the charts.

The hope being, that we prove that an indie author can compete with the big boys, at least on Amazon.

And my controversial historical thriller (ala Da Vinci Code) "30 Pieces of Silver" is the Bestseller for a Day.

You can only imagine how nervous I am.

Because I have done all my leg work. Not only have I written a completely kick-a** thriller (or so NYT Bestseller James Rollins says), but I have lined up an agent who is watching my Amazon numbers very closely today.

If I do well enough, I'm agented by a major NY agent.

If I don't... well, I will just hang my head in shame and beg #seriously #youknowIwill #Ihavenoshame #evenwhenIshould #sopleasesaveme #frommyself

So if you have ever liked a single word I have ever written or thought, "that girl deserves a break", or you just pity me for my lack of a love life, please head on over to "30 Pieces of Silver's" Amazon page and plunk down your hard earned 99 cents and buy the danged book!

Even if you don't enjoy thrillers per se (like the work of such authors as James Rollins, Steve Berry, Brad Thor, and Clive Cussler) buy the book anyway. It is NOT DRM so you can give the sucker away to someone who could appreciate it.

And to sweeten the deal, Bestseller for a Day also has a "Bonus Buy." Basically if you buy "30 Pieces of Silver" today with my Patterson-style thriller with a dash of Hannibal, "Plain Jane," I  will refund you the complete purchase price of either "Plain Jane."

Basically you could end up with 2 books for under a buck when it is all said and done.  How awesome is that???

I haven't asked much of you... oh wait... I usually do want your adoration and unswerving devotion, but besides that and well, advice on my love life, I haven't asked for much #justworkwithmehere

But today, I do ask for you to do something incredibly meaningful for me.  Purchase "30 Pieces of Silver" and help get me the agent I have always dreamed of.

Because, I mean, how often do you really get the chance to transform someone's lives and make a dream come true, especially for just 99 cents! (and yes, I am still talking about "30 Pieces of Silver" and not a blind date with Steve McGarrett... although.... LOL).

Now, you are probably saying, that's wonderful Carolyn, but, um... what about that Kindle you are giving away or even the "Insta Win" $5 gift cards that I am giving away today (Feb 28th).

For super detailed instructions on how to enter any and all of those, just head on over to

Basically you can always get 1 entirely free entry, but the entries really pile up if you buy "30 Pieces of Silver" and especially if you go in for the "Bonus Buys."

The winner of the Kindle will be Announced on next Monday's blog so check back then, and be watching your email since you could also win some of those 'insta' win $5 Amazon gift cards!

Again, thank you all for your support! #inadvance :-)

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Spoiled #cubed

 I miss Jiffy Pop.

Sure, I am certain I can still find some, somewhere and pop my own corn on the stove, but then I think...

Orrrrr I could just nuke some and sit down for a few minutes and check my email while it pops.

Plus in this day and age of more and more powerful microwaves it is hard to remember a time when 10-15 minutes shaking a thing on the stove was considered 'Jiffy.'

So, yes, Jiffy Pop still exists, but I am just too spoiled to use it. I can just close my eyes, listen to the microwave popcorn, smell the scent and imagine how much more fun it would be if I were doing it on the stove. #goodenoughforme

I also get mad at my phone at work. Did you know I actually have to dial the numbers? I have to press actual buttons to make things happen. And guess what if I mis-dial a number I have to start ALL OVER AGAIN??? What is up with that?

Oh, ya, it is actually how phones have worked since their invention. I just got spoiled by my iPhone.

And speaking of an iPhone (which I do frequently and with great love and devotion), as I was typing this blog, I made several spelling errors. Now you would think I would be content that the the program highlighted mis-spelled words.

But no, even that is not enough for me. I want them auto-corrected. Just fix it already!

Yes, technology has spoiled me. But oh how I love my tech in return.

Once you've had tech... well, you are too busy playing with it to care about much else :-)

Who's with me?
Tell me your "spoiled" moments!

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Hawaii 5-Valentine's-Day-Hottie-Alert-O

You can imagine how it pains me to tell you that I have had to call things off with Nathan Fillion*
*in my head, of course.

Yes, the heart (or parts south therein) have a mind of their own.

I am of course talking about Steve McGarrett from Hawaii 5-O. Now let's be clear, not Alex O'Loughlin who plays Steve, but the actual character.

I mean, I am sure he is a nice guy and all, but I want that overly-responsible, emotionally cut off hunk of a guy Steve.

Which is different from Nathan. Would I like to have my way with Castle? Sure. Mal from FireFly? Absolutely. Even Dr. Hammer from Dr. Horrible's Sing-a-long Blog. Let's go.

Why? Because, god love Nathan, whatever character he plays, he just brings so much of himself to the part..He feels cuddly and warm and comforting.

Plus I bet he even jiggles just a little when he does it. Which for a long term relationship is awesome.

But Steve and his rock hard abs? His bulging biceps. Really I need to stop now before I cross some invisible PG-13 line

I am sure I will regret this imaginary decision in a few seasons when Steve has left me worn out and crying as he moves on to his next conquest.

So as much as it pains me, especially on Valentine's day, Nathan, it is over. Truly over. Not just for the summer or winter hiatus, but forever. Please don't make this awkward by texting or stalking me on Facebook (wait, I think that was me).

So I introduce to the world my new imaginary boyfriend... Steve McGarrett.
Girls, look, but do NOT touch :-)

Also in case anyone has been living in a cave, besides being Valentine's Day, it is also Feb 14th, which means Amber Scott's romantic comedy is the "Bestseller for a Day!"

Please head over to her page and help her climb the Kindle Charts!
Plus if you buy "Play Fling" for just 99 cents today, you qualify for 2 Bonus Buys!
That's right, if you buy Amber's paranormal erotica (and who wouldn't after thinking about McGarrett's bulging... biceps) "Love Lust" and/or my paranormal romance/urban fantasy (with some pretty hot scenes as well) "HeartsBlood" Amber and I will rebate you the entire purchase price of the bonus buys!

Head on over to to learn more about this incredible event or just head straight to Play Fling's Amazon page!

Until next week!

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Betty White... Kicks A**

That's right, I said it. She kicks booty.

I wish I could kick as much booty NOW, forget when I approach 90 years old. I want to be as delightful, talented, gung ho and adorable as her at 46.

Of course there is absolutely no hope for that, but still I pine.

I remember Betty White as being OLD when I was a kid. I mean, I thought she was fun and entertaining, but wow, look at that hair.

Ah, how very naive I was!

Why does nearly every young person truly believe they will never get old?

I mean, I knew I would get older but the concept that at some point I would actually be 46 years old with wrinkles forming and white hair sprouting up never occurred to me. Truly one of those WFH moments in life.


But I feel lucky. At the least I have Betty White. Because now am I not just starting to accept that fact that I will age and get to 90, I now WANT to get to 90!

Betty White. Showing my generation that getting old still sucks, but at least you can still kick some a**