Sunday, January 9, 2011

Turns out... I am a Squirrel

Weird, right? (but not entirely unexpected).

Yes, I had this sad realization the other day when I was talking to my boss about my new office.

I thought that I was a well educated, but slightly goofy human.  Nope, it turns out I have been a squirrel this whole time.

You see this came up as we were discussing the new clinic we are moving into.  I get my own office!

Awesome, right?  I was so excited, chattering on (which might have been another sign of my inner squirrel heritage, but moving on) about how excited I was.

Then my boss said, "Wait, I am not sure if we are going to have locking cabinets.  Why would you need to lock the cabinets?"

Um... duh... to stash my food.

"What do you mean stash your food?"

You know all my chips and snacks and... well... you guess it.... nuts.

Yep the only reason I cared about having my own office was not for privacy or for the status or even the fact my internet browser won't have porn on it.  Nope, it was so I could... squirrel away even more food.

Luckily my boss just shook her head and laughed, "Locking cabinets it is!"

I then scurried away happy as can be, dug around in my purse found some Ritz crackers and nibbled on them in my excitement.

Yes, it is time to simply accept it.  I am a squirrel. It makes it so much easier than finding another excuse for all the chittering :-)


  1. As long as you're storing your nuts...not playing with them.

  2. Living with no less than 8 squirrels as I do, being one is something to aspire to - so you're fortunate you've already achieved squirrel status. Enjoy it!