Sunday, January 2, 2011

Don't do Resolutions! Do Normalizations!

I mean, come on. At my age I am not going to change that much.

So I could go through the whole New Year's Resolution thing, then hang my head in shame... like later today when I eat that cookie.

Or I thought I could do a New Year's Normalization!  How about I stop worrying about improving and try to just keep myself above water?

Let's take "be a better person."  This year, this year I just want to not be a worse person. Don't get grumpier. Don't get pissed off at the current generation (any more than I do now).  Try to not develop road rage.

Those are lofty goals too, right?

This year another 'Normalization' is to only break one bone this year.  Yes, I know a silly thing to have to say but since I broke two last year, I figure just 1 this year is getting me closer to that golden 'no bones broken' normal goal.

In terms of eating.  Sure I could give up sugar or molasses or lasagna, but we all know how that goes (now for Lent, that is a totally different story).

So my 'normalization' for this year is to NOT find a new food I just can't live without.  Because let's face it.  If I add another 'favorite' food to my already exceptionally long list of favs, I will never get out of Costco (cuz if you are going to buy a fav food, buy it in BULK - wait I might want to make a 'normalization' around that too #nah)!

Yes, this year I resolve to not slip further down the slippery slope of... everything.

Will you join me in this new movement to 'normalization?' #hehehe #Isaidmovement #darn #alreadybeingsillierthanlastyear


  1. What's normal?
    No, really.

    My one resolution is on my blog January 1st.
    It's do-able for just about anyone....

  2. Happy 2011, C! :)
    Cheers from Bucharest

  3. Yeah, that slippery slope of everything is a slippery slope. We'd rather just join you on that Costco run.