Sunday, January 23, 2011


Rain, rain... stay today and never, ever go away!

I believe I might have a fictitious mental disorder "Reverse Seasonal Affect."  The grayer it is, the happier I am.

Because, in short, the sun bums me out.  Besides the whole photosynthesis thing, do we really need to see the sun? #really

Can't it impart its radiation through thick cloud cover? #seriously #theresgottobeaway

You would think that rain would frustrate me with all the dogs.  I mean they HATE water falling from the sky.  It is just wrong.

But even standing out in a soaking wet yard, with rain drops beating on my head, I am happy.  Yes, I am yelling at the dogs to get their business done and I have to change my pants from sitting on the sopping wet patio chair, but I am good.

Everyday after a long stretch of rain, my co-workers ask "Had enough rain yet?"

Um, no, actually I haven't.

And let's be clear, I like every different kind of rain.  Just like Eskimos have a 100 different words for snow, I embrace every type of precipitation.

Drizzle is nice.  It coats my eyelashes without making the dogs dodge in terror from the rain drops.

A sudden shower is a beautiful surprise filling the air with that charged scent (and knocking all the damned pollen out of the air, but that's for another blog)

And even though the dogs may cower under the bed during a thunderstorm, I'm at the window, my nose pressed against the pain, taking it all in.

So if you are rushing down the street, your hood pulled over your head, trying to get out of a down pour and you see a woman (I would imagine in pink) strolling along, smiling... that would probably be me :-)

And yes, this has been an uncommonly upbeat and hopeful blog post #dontgetusedtoit :-)

Also, don't forget to check out Keta Diablo's "Where The Rain Is Made."  She is today's stop on the Blog Tour de Force (click here to view her site).  To learn more about this amazing blog tour (it ain't your Grandma's blog tour, that's for sure!) check out

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  1. I've always been more energized by rain than sun, too...most of my family is wired the exact opposite, though, so that's always interesting... :)

  2. The Bench needs sun, but appreciates a good rain every now and then. But when you gotta drive in So Cal, rain is not your friend. Or if you have a dog that suspiciously starts going through your DVD's when it rains, that's another sign that sun is needed.

  3. I loved this post! I love the sun as much as you love the rain. I will pay attention next time it rains in Palm Springs (hopefully NOT soon) and see if I can relate.

    Oh, and I have a copy of HeartsBlood - it's my next read after the Autobiography of Mark Twain.

  4. I don't know where you live, but maybe it should be Washington or Oregon, lol?