Sunday, August 21, 2011


This blog isn't so much about me (shocking I know) but about my roommate.

While on the surface my Roomie seems like an ordinary member of society. She has s job, a car, and loves to "spin."

Get to know her though?  And the cat crazy just pours right out of her.  There is nothing that she doesn't love about cats and her black cat extraordinaire, Elvira.  She even likes the smell of Elvira's poop (okay, maybe not that bad, but pretty darn close).

It doesn't matter that Elvira bites and scratches if she gets the least bit upset (well, according to my Roomie, Elvira is AFRAID and that is why she comes flying AT you with claws and teeth bared #ya #right).

But this blog isn't even about Elvira and the other cats (even though I could twenty blogs just on the cat antics in the house).  No, I want to remain focused and talk about my Roomie's cat obsession... I mean cat fancy #sorry #obsessionwastherightword

So Roomie and I are sitting around talking about the animals ('cause that's what we do while looking out at the beach) and some how vampires also came up (another common theme in our household).

Therefore it was no great surprise when Roomie blurted out, "Cat-pyre."  Obviously referring to a cat that had become vampiric.

Now this blog isn't about the fact she said "Cat-pyre," it is the wistful look on her face as she thought about what a cat-pyre would look and be like.  Then her eyes unglazed and she breathed out... "That would be awesome."

Yes, for her it would be.  I mean, combining her two favorite topics into one???  Fantastic!

Then we were watching True Blood and Jason had been mauled by a were-black panther and was suffering as he was turning into a big cat.

However what my Roomie took away from this horrible sequence of events was...  "I'd go through all of that if I got to be a panther."

I looked at her, with her sincere eyes (a cat of course on her lap),  "Yes, I believe you would."

She just nodded sagely and went back to watching the show.

So if you happen to stumble upon a Cat-Pyre or Black Were-Panther, please leave a comment below with your location since it probably means my Roomie has fulfilled her dreams but has gotten lost #howdoyouputatagonaCat-Pyre?


  1. Haven't seen you for awhile on Lifarre. Check out the latest post, the site has totally disintegrated.