Sunday, March 6, 2011

Well... Did I do it?

Yes, there are many, many ways to take that question, however I am talking about my Bestseller for a Day with "30 Pieces of Silver" and did I land a NY agent?

Well, that story is still to be told.  Yes, Bestseller for a Day did in fact get "30 Pieces of Silver" into the hands of a NY agent.  Now we must all wait with bated breath, crossing our fingers and toes, and holding our breath (well, at least I will be :-)

The great news is that "30 Pieces of Silver" peaked at #183!  That's right out of 4,000,000 books my little ole controversial thriller was 183!  And not just that but it also captured the #1 slot for Men's Adventure last Monday, but it also popped in and out of the #1 spot Tuesday and Wednesday!

So yes, it was a pretty amazing ride!

But now on the to the next one! SXSW. #crap #Ihavetotalktopeopleinperson

I love being a social media expert.  I love being a self-publishing expert.  I even love doing conference panels.  But then all good things must end and I have to come down off the dias and mingle with....GASP... strangers!

Can you imagine?  Well, actually you don't have the imagine.  You can read this post about last year's Bloggy Boot Camp.

Luckily my partner in crime, @RachelintheOC is going with me.  Now, let's be clear. I will still say incredibly awkward things.  I will wander away from conversations because I am just done with them and I will in fact get myself into some Keystone cop impossible situation, but at the very least I will have Rachel there to explain to everyone... "Oh, she's just anti-social."

Check back next week to find out SXSW went and to see if my dream agent even knows my name :-) LOL


  1. Good luck to you with this but no matter what peaking at the numbers you did is AWESOME and an achievement in itself! :)

  2. Wow. What a brilliant achievement. Those numbers are fantastic - just goes to show the power of social networking. Best of luck with the NY agent!!

  3. Hi Carolyn,

    First of all, CONGRATS!!! I've just started reading the first couple of pages of your book and I was wondering, how would you like to have it available in other languages for Kindle readers worldwide? I can take care of Portuguese, for I'm originally from Brazil and have been working as a professional translator since 1997, being certified by the American Translators Association since 2007. Drop me a line at rlombardino (at) wordawareness (dot) com 'cause it would be a delight to help!

  4. congrats Carolyn! wishing you all the best! c",)

  5. congrats Carolyn! wishing you all the best! c",)