Sunday, March 13, 2011

SXSW - An After-Action Report!

Yes, I survived social interaction!  #shockingIknow

I mean, there were only three or four times that I felt like running away from a group of people, screaming with my hands over my hear.  That must be some kind of record (and for those of you just joining craftycmc, I mean it is a record for how LOW that number is.  Check out my "Anti-Social blog" for the full story!)

I also made no major social gaffs (ok, there was the time @RachelintheOC and I couldn't get out of a taxi-van in high heels, but that is for another blog).

And this is going to shock anyone who has been reading me for a while.  Things worked out as planned!  I know, right?  No stranded seal pups (read here for that adventure), no shouting out inappropriate things in a crowd (read my "This is a nice rack" for that one), and (unfortunately) no Chihuahua in my bra popping out at the most inopportune times.

Nope, for this trip I was all professional and stuff!  I even wore make-up (yes, I know that is one of the seven seals breaking).

And, *gasp* I did really well on the panel.  Lots of questions thrown my way regarding self-publishing (I am the founder of the Indie Book Collective after all) and after I got off the dias I was swarmed with people (and STILL I did not run screaming away *ya*me*).  I even got a few interviews with national publications out of the deal.

So the moral of this story?  Sometimes it is worth leaving your beach home and Chihuahuas.  Of course, will that said I flew out the day after the panel and as soon as I got home put a Chihuahua in my bra, but hey, you can't expect a leopard to change all her spots in one weekend! :-) :-) :-)

*Super, duper absolutely stupendous update!!!  My article on how to better sell your books on has been posted on the Digital Book World site, right here!  #Imaybehyperventilating #notsure

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