Sunday, July 10, 2011

I should bathe more frequently...

And not for the obvious hygeine issues (although, some days working from home... LOL).

No, what I find is that laying there in the water, my hair swirling around my face, I think more clearly.

The worries and frustrations seep away and I am left with clarity.

Suddenly problems that have vexed me, are resolved.  Ideas that have been percolating in the back of my mind, come surging to the forefront, ready for action.

I wish I could say that I am great at meditating.  That before bed or in the middle of the day I can sit back, relax and find this focus.

No, there is something magical between the water and myself.  Something happens that insulates me from the chaotic, hectic life I normally lead.  Let me be clear.  I do not light candles, turn off the lights and create a sacred space.

Nope, I am usually in a hurry, late for work, rushing to get ready.

Yet each time, no matter how my body wants to race forward, there is a magical moment when my mind balks and whispers quietly... stay... rest a while.

So from now on, I think I am going to make sure to savor the baths I take every day (okay, every other day... fine you caught me, every three days #hopefully) :-)


  1. We've found that having to clean the tub first is a distracter from the whole relaxing in the bath thing - glad you found your zen though!

  2. I am getting a new tub and cannot wait to just soak for hours doing nothing, but enjoying the water!

  3. Water there is something magical within It caresses you, holds you, It is the giver of life.  To me water is the  most precious thing in the world.

    We drink it, bathe in it, Swim, Ski, boat, use it to grow our gardens.

    nblack at twcny dot rr dot com

  4. i say forget the bathtub and go for a long, nice, swim/soak in a lake, a creek or a spring. Nothing connects you more with nature than that, especially in the heat of summer!
    missnyet at missnyet dot com

  5. I think this is a great idea--this blog tour deal, I mean, not necessarily bathing and flirting, in either order... I'm pro bathing. Wait ... what?

    Anyway, I get most of my better ideas in the shower. I've thought about it, but still have no idea why.

  6. Water is cleansing and relaxing:) Baths are very sensual to me:) 
    Thanks for the giveaway:)
    Heather Powers

  7. Thanks for the giveaway. Do we leave our email address like last blog give away?

  8. interesting, I heard there was actually some study about the effect of baths on the mind, sadly I can't remember the particulars. Rather pointless mentioning that I realise.. maybe I should go have one. Oh well just reading about some giveaway so um.. count me in!

  9. Love the writing style! Hope everything is going well in Atlanta. Thanks for the ebook!

  10. where did u get those lights,candles.? i want one...Anyway,thanks for this great give away. good luck.!

  11. Katrina whittakerJuly 21, 2011 at 8:06 AM

    I find to when Im stressed and need to de stress in the bath I hope with My bottle of radox and candle ! love the pic above very serine !! Def indicates a restful place ;)

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