Sunday, April 24, 2011

Holy Easter, Batman!

Finally the day that I... and my taste buds have been waiting for!

Easter!!! (i.e. the end of Lent!)

As you might have heard (you know all those whiney Tweets and blogs) that I had given up candy and fast food.  Why I picked both I have no idea (and trust me my roommate and co-workers wonder exactly the same thing!)

But now the blessed day is here.

So first thing this morning I load the dogs into the car and head to a drive-thru McDonalds.  And what do you imagine but an Easter miracle!  They have cherry pies back!  Give me 3!

Loaded down with several sausage McMuffins, cherry pies and a mint shake I head home.

And like a kid at Christmas (or Easter for that matter) I chow down.  I am so proud that I didn't even finish off the Red Vines I had my roommate bring home.

Stuffed and satisfied I go to lay back down so I can sleep in when...

The tummy ache hits.  And yes, my roommate did in fact warn me about that so now I can't even complain about it in front of her!

I am sure there is a moral to this story which I am sure I would comprehend if I wasn't fantasizing about the 1 cherry pie left in the fridge :-) #seriously #IwonderwhenIwillfeelgoodenoughtoeatit #neverlearn


  1. You need to hit up that after Easter candy sale, 50% off is too good to pass up!
    Still reading Plain Jane, still loving it.

  2. Can't wait to read Plain Jane. Your blog makes me laugh out loud. Thanks.

  3. I had an Easter day like yours in that I ate lots of high calorie food and candy. I am not trying to lose what I gained in one day!!

  4. Omigosh! I found you on Twitter and I love love love your blog! I will be back soon to catch up on some more old posts. You are a woman after my heart. Except for the Facebook thing. I see all your points. But I still love Facebook! :-)

  5. Ouch! Maybe a gradual reentry would have been smarter. But oh, that McJunk; it's addicting.