Sunday, April 10, 2011

Facebook is dumb...

Yes, I know I have probably insulted half of you, but come on!  And Yes, I know that I am a social media guru for authors, but come on!

My latest trip to Weirdo-land, I  mean my Facebook page, there was a new window on the right hand side that said something like, "These are people your friends are following."

Now on EVERY other social media platform you simply click to add that person.  It is how you grow.

And in this circumstance, the person happened to be a sister-in-law of a friend.  Do I know her personally.  Sort of. Can I recite her social security number?  No.

I mean, if you told her who I was, she would be like "Oh, ya, her."

But when I click on the 'friend' button a huge window pops up BORDERED IN RED, that says, unless I know this member PERSONALLY (their caps, not mine), my attempt to friend her will be considered SPAM and I could be suspended.

Um... dude... Facebook is the one that suggested I should follow her!  Seriously.  Make up your mind.

Are you the social media platform that is so obsessed with making money that you will sell every scrap of my personal information to the highest bidder or are you the platform that will ex-communicate me for daring to reach out to the sister-in-law of a friend.

Seriously.  #PickOne

So, I am sorry if I have offended any FB fans, but really... #ComeOn

P.S. When I went to find a graphic for this post, I typed in 'dumb Facebook' and wouldn't you know I had hundreds of pics to choose from. #guessIamnottheonlyone


  1. That's really stupid. If this person has their security settings so high that they have chosen to not be approached, then they shouldn't be in the "recommended" window. Actually, they should really consider whether Facebook is a place for them to begin with...... just sayin'

  2. Facebook used to be my favorite place to go. I still have friends there, and post there, but #yeah, you're not the only person fed up with their crap. I get that message all the time and I'm thinking #WTF? It makes no sense. It's one of the reasons I'm on Twitter more. It has nothing to do with the fact that I'm obsessed with tweeting and Twitter in general. #duh Great post, Carolyn. I love your rants

  3. Great post! And quite to the point, in fact!

  4. Facebook is still one of my favorite places.

  5. unfortunately just like any social media there are ups and just have to pick your battles