Sunday, October 3, 2010

The Fall Television Season...

Or as I like to call it... Carolyn's Summer Christmas!

Turing on my Tivo is like opening up presents that beautiful winter morning.

I thrill with anticipation as the television warms up. I scroll down the list, examining the new shows, sizing them up. If I could shake them I would.

Which to watch? Do I go with an old stand-by's season premiere or do I dive right in and get a taste of a new show?

So many decisions and only 4 hours to watch them until bedtime.

Now there isn't just the choice of what to watch first, but then in what order to watch them in. Do I watch all the dramas in a row or sprinkle a few comedies in there?

And then the largest decision of all. Which to watch last. Because that last show is the one that is going to stick with me.

More than likely I am going to dream about it so I better pick right.

The other problem is if I pick wrong for the last show, I more than likely will watch another show, far past my bedtime just to wash the taste out of my mouth.

Do I realize that everything above makes me sound completely insane? Yes.
Do I care? Not really.

Because you know what? At age 45 I have learned what makes me happy. And if I can have Christmas night after night the last week of September, then so yeah me! LOL

So if you are walking by in Ventura in late summer and hear 'Ho Ho Ho!' you will know exactly what's going on!

Who else has a 'thing' with fall television? Comment below with your 'ritual!'


  1. We were just talking about this the other day! We always go for the short comedies first, then work our way up to the hour long dramas. And then end up watching Dexter before going to sleep only to dream about serial killers, awesome!

  2. I'm Tivo-less. Guess that makes me a dinosaur. If I watch anything, it's usually HGTV. Some how watching other people search for homes soothes me. That's rather sad.

  3. I love my DVR! I watch all of my fav Food Network shows first. Then I work my way up to the good stuff. Weeds - The Big C - Vamp Diaries...whatever good drama that is left before I close my eyes :)